1. What sort of fuel do I put in these vehicles?

    A. When collecting your rental vehicle, check with the rental location operator which fuel type is required as it may vary from vehicle to vehicle.
  2. Are there any restrictions as to where I can take these vehicles?

    Budget reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas or due to adverse road or weather conditions. These few restrictions are enforced to avoid unnecessary risk to the renter's safety and damage to the vehicles;
    renters must at least stay on recognised sealed roads.
  3. How are the rates calculated?

    All rates are calculated on a 24 hour period, customers will be given 1 hour grace
  4. Are these vehicles insured?

    Vehicle insurance, including single vehicle accidents and third party liability, including property cover is included in the rates. An excess based on the vehicle type and the age of the driver applies to all rentals. Peace of mind for drivers of Budget
    vehicles Excess Reduction provides complete peace of mind. In the event of an accident it reduces your financial liability to a small, manageable amount. For comprehensive information regarding limiting your liability speak to your Budget representative when
    collecting your vehicle. For the wording of our rental agreement for accidents please see next question.
  5. Accidents Terms and Conditions on the Rental Agreement for Accidents, Damage and loss of property?

    1. Where renter has breached this Agreement, Renter is liable, without limitation for all: - Damage; - Third Party Damage; - Overhead Damage; - Underbody Damage; - Water Damage; howsoever caused and whether intentional or not. 2. Where Renter has not breached
    this Agreement, Renter is liable: - Overhead Damage. - Underbody Damage. - Water Damage 3. Where Renter has not breached this Agreement, Renter's liability shall be limited to the amount of the excess for each incident where Damage, Third Party Damage (other
    than the damage of the kind or in the circumstances described in clause 6.2) occurs during the Rental Period. 4. Renter shall immediately inform Owner of any incident where Damage, Third Party Damage, Overhead Damage, Underbody Damage or Water Damage occurs
    howsoever caused. Failure to notify the Owner constitutes this Agreement. 5. Renter acknowledges that the Owner reserves the right not to rent another vehicle to Renter following any incident where Renter has breached this Agreement or where damage of the
    kind or in the circumstances is returned. 6. Renter acknowledges that the Owner is not liable for any loss caused by the theft of any personal property from the Vehicle or for the loss of any personal property left in the Vehicle during or after the end of
    the Rental Period. 7. Notwithstanding the above, Renter is liable to the extent permitted