Budget Australia Commercial Vehicle Rentals

When looking for commercial vehicle rentals in Australia, Budget has the right trucks to meet customer needs. Budget’s fleet contains refrigerated trucks, moving vans, buses, and much more. We are the best there is at offering top quality commercial vehicles to Australian customers.

Commercial vehicles can be used for many purposes. Contractors who need to bring a one-time load of supplies to a site might use a delivery van, for example. Moving vans in several sizes help people get a move completed without relying on friends and family to turn up with their own vehicles. And buses can help teams and groups go places together. Budget’s fleet includes:

  • 4WDs: 4x4 Tray, Dual Cab, and Large Wagon
  • Utilities: 1 Tonne Cab and Dual Cab Ute
  • Delivery and Transit Vans
  • Moving Vans: 4.2 Metre, 6.4 Metre, and Cargo Vans
  • Trays: 4.2 Metre, 6.4 Metre, 7.3 Metre, and 8.5 Metre
  • 12 and 25 Seat Buses
  • Refrigerated Vans: 2.9 Metre, 4 Metre, 4.2 Metre, 6 Metre
  • And many more.

Budget serves customers all over Australia. We have locations all over the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra as well as suburban and regional locations. We are absolutely committed to providing not just exceptional service but comfortable, reliable vehicles, to our customers. We never want customers to worry whether or not their vehicle will be able to haul the load or make the trip. We want to make the entire process easier than our customers ever thought it could be.

Click on your vehicle type below to find the vehicle specifications and more information. Can't find the vehicle you're looking for? Call your local Budget location as they may have an option for you!