The minimum age to rent a Budget vehicle in Australia is 21 years of age. A young driver surcharge may apply.

To drive a Budget vehicle in Australia you must hold a full, current and valid drivers licence that has been held for a minimum of 12 consecutive months. A learner or provisional licence is not accepted.

Please note: Certain larger trucks may have special licence requirements that include Light Rigid (LR), Medium Rigid (MR), Heavy Rigid (HR) or Heavy Combination (HC) licences. Full information can be found at time of booking, however it's the  the customers responisbility to ensure they can drive the booked vehicle with their licence.

The following truck groups can not be driven with a normal car licence:

  • Group K - Large Bus - LR Licence Required
  • Group S - 6.4m Van - MR Licence Required
  • Group V - 7.3m Van - MR Licence Required
  • Group XF - 7.3m Tray - MR Licence Required
  • Group XG - 8.5m Tray - HR Licence Required
  • Group XB - 6.4m Curtain sider - MR Licence Required
  • Group XC - 7.3m Curtain sider - MR Licnece Required
  • Group XD - 8.5m Curtain sider - HR Licence Required
  • Group XP - Crane Truck - MR/HR Licence Required
  • Group XS - Prime Mover - HC/MC Licence Required

You can drive a Group F, 4.2m Moving Van with a regular car licence. Anything larger will require a special licence. Please see 'What driver licence requirements do I need to hire a Budget vehicle?' above.

A temporary licence issued as a replacement for a lost licence or due to a change of address is accepted and will be checked for validity at time of collection.

At time of collection Budget will place a pre-authorisation on your credit/debit card for up to $400.

Depending on your bank, the money is usually released within 7-10 working days. Budget will not be held responsible for any overdraft fees.

Share the drive and relax while someone else takes the wheel. Only those whose names are recorded on the Rental Agreement may drive a Budget vehicle. For more information on additional drivers including any applicable charges please click here.

You must present a valid credit or debit card as well as a current, full and valid drivers licence, all in the drivers name.

Any additional drivers must also be present at the time of rental and provide a current, full and valid drivers licence.

Your Rental Agreement details your personal information, your vehicle information, payment method, insurance coverages and rental preferences. Remember to read it carefully as it's a legal binding document.

A Rental Agreement is the document you sign prior to each rental. A Master Rental Agreement is signed when you join Budget Fastbreak. It details your contact information, preferred payment method, insurance coverages and rental preferences. It allows for faster handling of your reservation which means you can get on the road sooner.