There are two ways to select a rental location:

1) Simply start typing your desired location into the 'Enter your pickup location' search bar on the home page of the website A drop down menu will appear where you can select it from the list. 

2) Search for your location under the Locations tab and select 'Find a Location', then type in your location in the search box that says 'Where are you going?'.

If you would like to return the vehicle to a location different to the one you selected for pick up the vehicle from, simply enter your desired return location in the search bar that says 'Return to same location'. If one-way rentals are available between the two locations selected you will be able to proceed to make the booking online.

If you're aged under 25, simply click on the Age drop down arrow and select your age from the list. Note – an Underage Surcharge may apply for renters aged 21 – 24. 

Enter a Pick up and Drop off date simply by selecting the relevant date field, where you will be presented with a drop down calendar, once your dates have been selected you may then proceed to select the times you would like to pick up and drop off the vehicle.

If you are a Fastbreak or Rapidrez member, select the 'Add Customer ID' drop down and enter your Fastbreak # and Surname in the fields provided.

If you’re an employee of a company that has contracted rates with Budget, simply select 'Offer codes' and enter your company’s unique identifier (your direct PIN, ACTO/OTTO or a BCD number).

If you have been given a BCD number to quote, simply select 'Offer codes' and enter your BCD number in the BCD field.

If you have a coupon discount to apply to your booking, simply select 'Offer codes' and enter the coupon number in the Coupon field. The coupon value will be acknowledged with your reservation, however the value of the coupon will only be applied at the time of rental.

From the home page, click on View / Modify / Cancel under the Reservations tab. Then simply enter your Reservation # and Last Name. Your rental will be displayed for you, select those components of your reservation that you would like to alter. You will then be asked to confirm the changes.

From the home page, click on View / Modify / Cancel under the Reservations tab. Then simply enter your Reservation # and Last Name. You will then be given an option to cancel your reservation.

From the home page, click on View / Modify / Cancel under the Reservations tab. Then simply enter your Reservation # and Last Name. Your reservation details will be displayed for you.

A BCD is a Budget Customer Discount number. If you have a BCD, please ensure that you enter it when you are making a reservation.

A RapidRez or Fastbreak number is a number which is specific to you and enables us to recognise you and your preferred details when you are a regular renter with Budget. It means you only need to sign one master rental agreement with Budget and then you can rent with us faster; avoid queues, paperwork, and save time, by not having to sign a rental agreement every time you rent with us. If you don’t already have a RapidRez or Fastbreak number join Fastbreak Global today, it’s free. Visit for more information.

To successfully view the Budget website it can be viewed with the most common internet browser, such as Internet Explorer 10 and above for Windows, Firefox 1.0 and above for Windows and Mac OS X, Safari 1.2 and above for Mac OS X.

The Budget website requires cookies and scripts to be enabled within your browser, SSL (secure set up language) support and popup windows to view the website. If these are not enabled, the pages cannot be viewed correctly. Whether you are able to view the website also depends on the networking (e.g. use of a Proxy Server for their LAN) set up.

You may need to lower the secure setting on your browser, or enable the cookies and scripts within your browser that may be blocking the pages. Or install the most up to date version of your browser or other browser tools and default to original settings.

A cookie is a very small text file placed on your computer by Budget’s web page server. It is to tell our server that you returned to a Budget web page and assists the Budget server to remember who you are and what you requested, so next time you return to that page, we are able to show you the information you requested. 

If your flight number includes letters and numbers, please enter only the digital number.

From the home page, select 'Get e-receipt' under the Reservations tab. Then enter your country, surname and rental agreement number or reservation number.

Rental agreement information will be available five days after your rental is completed and remains accessible for a period of 6 months.