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Truck Hire Australia

Are you looking for a truck hire service in Australia? At Budget Trucks, we have an impressive selection of vans and trucks for you to choose from. With a commitment to keeping our prices low, we’re here to ensure you maintain a realistic budget for your next truck rental in Australia.

How much does it cost to hire a truck in Australia?

The cost of truck hire in Australia varies daily. Additionally, it changes between each agreement. But, if you choose Budget Trucks, you know you’re accessing some of the best discounts available.

The benefits of hiring a truck in Australia

When you’re moving to a new house, it’s difficult to ignore the financial strains. If you want to lower the cost, hiring a truck in Australia is a handy way to do so. Once you remove staff and other overheads, you can enjoy a low-cost move. Similarly, collecting an order you placed online could prove easier when you hire one of our transit vans. You won’t need to wait for a courier and you can collect it at your own leisure.

The trucks you can hire in Australia

If you’re using Budget Trucks because you are moving to a new property, our moving vans will suit you perfectly. You can choose from 4.2, 6.4, and 7.3-metre vans. Always remember to check the van’s size against your driving license category before hiring.

Alongside vans and trucks, we provide a range of specialist vehicles. This includes tray rentals in Australia, which can carry loads of up to 14 pallets. Our tray rentals also come with robust safety features, such as twistlocks for holding your goods in place.

At Budget Trucks, we offer van hire throughout Australia. Explore our range and see how we can help you save money today.